The mission of MΣΣT a Mathematician is to share stories of mathematicians from different backgrounds with the aim of introducing students to role models and fostering a sense of community.

MΣΣT a Mathematician is committed to amplifying voices and increasing visibility of academic mathematicians from underrepresented groups while advocating for a more inclusive mathematics community that reflects the diversity in the world.

MΣΣT a Mathematician stands in solidarity with the uprising against institutional oppression and police brutality affecting our communities.

We are here to say BLACK LIVES MATTER!

It is important to learn about how racist policies and whiteness have shaped our history. It is time to seek and advocate for anti-racist policies, educate ourselves to be anti-racist, fight for equality and justice to address the issues of systemic oppression that are disproportionately affecting our Black students, colleagues, friends and the broader Black community.

We encourage our audience to:

  • Visit Mathematically Gifted and Black, a website that celebrates the diversity and contributions of Black mathematicians in the mathematical sciences, and donate to their newly-started fund here to support the next generation of mathematicians from the African Diaspora by cashapp: $mathgiftedblack or venmo: Mathematically-GiftedAndBlack or paypal: @mathgiftedblack.

  • Support the work of National Association of Mathematicians (NAM), a non-profit professional organization promoting excellence and the development of all underrepresented minorities in the mathematical sciences, and become a member or donate here.

We are always striving to become better allies and learning how to improve our platform to support our students and colleagues. If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback, you can share them with us here!