a Mathematician!

"MΣΣT a Mathematician!" is a collection of  video interviews with mathematicians. 

The mission of MΣΣT a Mathematician is to share stories of mathematicians from different backgrounds, especially from historically excluded groups,  with the aim of introducing students to role models and fostering a sense of community.


MEET & SHARE: A Mathematicians' Storytelling Event

Poster of Storytelling event with geometric figures and the following info: A Mathematicians' storytelling event: Meet and Share. Theme: Does not imply. Jan 4th at 8pm pacific at Marriot Marquis hotel Foothill A. Joint Mathematics Meetings 2024 San Francisco. For RSVP and pitch a story, visit minoritymath.org/storytelling

Event Sponsored by NSF CAREER Grant DMS–2046889, PI: Priyam Patel

2024 theme is 'Does Not Imply'

Brought to you by the Coalition for Amplification of Historically Excluded Mathematicians on Jan 4th at 8pm pacific time at the Marriot Marquis Hotel Foothill A. 

RSVP and info here: minoritymath.org/storytelling

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Poster of Meet a mathematician including quotes from mathematicians interviewed at Meet!

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MΣΣT a Mathematician! is a member of The Coalition for the Amplification of Historically Excluded Mathematicians.